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Conservative vs Liberal…is it really that cut and dry according to scripture?

Sorry…This post will not address any issues that are directly political.

Oh say can you see? In a country that will quickly have a reaction to political topics…it seems very black and white (no reference to anything political other than a stark contrast of the two colors…or one being the absence of color…not sure which one…ask my artistic wife, because she can tell you). With that being said, I think it is safe to say from a Biblical standpoint that it is not so simple…

I hear many times, “I am speaking purely political, not bringing in scripture to muddy it up.” This is as far from the truth as you can get. When we think we can look at anything purely through a lens of the world, we stand on the wrong side to start.

I hate to break it to you…but this world is broken…political parties are a broken way to divide…both wish to claim moral superiority without truly yielding to the true authority. As Christians, many times we will side with a particular party on every issue. We look at it as a “right or wrong” issue…that will not work in a fallen world…if we are looking for a political leader to be perfect in all aspects, it will not happen…the only one that could withstand that was crucified close to 2,000 years ago…

The world is broken…when we wonder why that is, why do we not go to the one source that makes sense of that? Yes, I do love my country…but in the words of the Christian rapper Sevin, “and yes, I love Christ more than the USA.” That is not a popular thing to say. No, I have not served in the military. I do have friends that have served, and given their quality of life (or life) to protect me and my ability to worship freely. I am very thankful for that. Where we get into trouble is when people forget that God comes first in everything that we do. When we lose that, we end up exactly where we are now.

I love you all (regardless of political views)


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