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Sniper approach or a shotgun?

As I sit here typing this, I am overwhelmed with the number of opportunities that have presented themselves over the past few months. They all sound great, and I want to do them all. I have learned that it is not plausible, nor is it the most advantageous to attempt.

I listen to many podcasts, some faith based while some are not. I try to learn as much as possible, and while sometimes things don’t line up with my direction it broadens my thinking. I was listening to one podcast where they were discussing approaches to moving forward. They were referencing taking the Arnold Schwarzenegger approach in blowing everything away to take out one obstacle. While you hit your target, many things become expendable in the process. We live in a time of excess. It can get overwhelming.

Another approach we can take is the Jason Bourne approach. We go to the top floor and use a sniper rifle to take out a selected target. No collateral damage, and no excess mess to clean up.

For everyone, but especially someone with a chronic illness, we only have enough energy for a certain amount of tasks. We can get overwhelmed to the point of paralyzation, where many tasks are started but few are finished. I have learned over the last few months that we have to let certain things go for the good of the greater priorities.

I am looking forward to sharing some of these new initiatives over the next few months!

I love you all!


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