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Uncertainty and Confirmations

What is the thing that I constantly have battle in my life?

Control…it is crazy that having such an unpredictable disease has been the greatest thing that has shown me God’s Faithfulness. As we move into a new year, we reflect on many things while often feeling the need to change things. As I reflect on what I feel God pushing me toward, I have been feeling that I may to re-evaluate the ways that I am doing certain things. After attending worship on Sunday morning, I left feeling very encouraged but still unsure of some of the things I was contemplating. As we left for lunch, we went to a place that we have never been on a Sunday afternoon. After an awesome lunch, we were leaving when I was stopped by a gentleman and his wife. He proceeded to share with me what he saw and why he stopped us. Everything that I have felt lead to do over the past few years was confirmed. In this gentleman’s conversation, he confirmed things that he could not have known. God is so faithful. He doesn’t always do it in our time, and sometimes he wants us to stay the course of what he has called us to do. The impact that He has through His Plan for us will be perfect in His Timing. I must decrease so that He May increase.

Trust Him…Trust His Plan…Stay the course…

I love you all!


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