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Multiple Sclerosis…pros and cons…

One of the constant struggles that hits someone as they deal with a trial…is what if…

What if I didn’t have this disease?…

The way that you answer this question will determine the course and trajectory of your daily living…and the course of your life.

If I was to answer with this list…

1. I would be able to walk.

2. I would still be able to run and cycle.

3. My body would do as it was told…I could control simple function as in days of old.

4. I wouldn’t have to worry about pushing my body into a relapse.

5. I wouldn’t have to worry about what the next day holds, how I will provide for my family.

6. I wouldn’t have to take many medications daily.

7. I could enjoy activities “normally” with family and friends and I used to in my former life.

8. Life wouldn’t be so hard.

9. And many, many more…

I choose to focus on this type of list…

1. I have gotten closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

2. I get to be pushed to the limit everyday, both mentally and physically.

3. I have been blessed with a huge platform for my faith, and to help hurting people.

4. PERSPECTIVE…It becomes much easier to prioritize what really matters…I don’t spend time worrying about the smaller things.

5. Enjoyment in moments full of a life of busy…

6. My direction and purpose are defined and focused.

7. And hundreds more!

Again, I say that I am thankful for this blessing. Focusing on WHAT IT GAVE ME in contrast to what it took from me makes the difference. Decide which direction you will take!

I love you all…


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