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Silent Warriors…being the difference for others

I posted on my social media a few months ago, asking for ramp builder recommendations. I was immediately sent a private message about the men’s ministry at Concord Baptist  Church (of which I am a member). I told them that I am aware of many more pressing needs that this wonderful group addresses, and I was not looking to interfere with it.

Enter Concord Baptist Church and the men’s ministry…I was contacted by them, and they asked to come out and look. I told them I was envisioning a 6 foot ramp that I could pull myself up with the rails. Robert and Ruth laughed as they had no intentions of building an out of code ramp. They showed me the plans, and told me that the group was excited to come do this.

I am sitting here watching this group, selflessly working to improve my families quality of life. They have yet to slow down, yet to show frustration…to the contrary they are joyfully serving in how they feel God has called them. As I hear them talking over the plans, they discuss how an improvement could be made  for me to access the backyard as well. It hit me very quickly…they are not here to complete a job, they are here to show God’s Love by meeting a need.

I apologize for how choppy this has been, but I am very overwhelmed at what these people are doing for me in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Well done, CBC.

I love you all!


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