Change Purpose Rest struggles What is MS?

Balance Issues? Part 1/2

While there are numerous (too many to list) that MS brings, I would venture to say that the one that would come up most frequently is issues with balance. Vertigo can be an issue as well, compounding the balance issues. This is why many people with MS, who can still walk unassisted (which is a majority), sometimes get labeled as appearing intoxicated.

Without balance, one may know where they are going, but they do not take the most direct route. We can do that in our daily lives as well. We may think we have clarity in our destination, but balance in our life may not be quite in order. This causes an erratic path to get to our destination.

I encourage you to take an inventory of your goals, your priorities, and your time spent to see if you have a healthy balance to help you get to your goals. Don’t get discouraged…if you don’t have defined goals, start there! It always takes the first step to start a journey!

I love you all!


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