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God calls for our best…Warrior Wednesday

Romans 12:11 Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically.

There is no disclaimer in this verse…notice it doesn’t say “unless ________ happens to you.” We do not have an “out” until God calls us home.  This can be a very hard concept for us (by us I am speaking to myself) to grasp. We look for reasons why certain things do not occur as we intended. God does not call us to do anything but serve enthusiastically. From our job, to raising a family, to cleaning up a fellowship hall at our home church. We are never too big, or important, to do anything.

Go after it like a WARRIOR on this beautiful Wednesday…serve enthusiastically in everything that you do…now that I have addressed myself, I hope that you do the same.

PS…God’s Word is a wonderful textbook for our life!

I love you all!


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