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I’m not what I used to be…

I have people ask me if it is tough to not be able to do what I did in the past with ease…

That is an easy answer…yes, of course that is always something that can bring frustration.  Whether it be running, biking, walking, or even tying shoes, you always remember what it was like… I am also thankful for the time that I was able to do it. From a successful baseball career to running ultra distances, I am able to recall fond memories of past events. I have many awesome friends now that are not able to call on those times as they have always dealt with physical struggles. I am thankful for my “normal” time.

I also look at it from the standpoint as I am not what I once was…Thank goodness… as I look at the collective whole of my life thus far, I will take the subtraction of physical abilities for the addition of mental and spiritual toughness, stamina and perspective. I truly do consider myself coming out light years ahead in the plus category. Perspective is something that is worth much more than most people realize.

For that, I am truly thankful…

I love you all!


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