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It’s not about me…

What is Warrior613 about?

The answer to this has changed over the past year. As with happens with most things, our initial plans don’t always line up with God’s intentions.

Warrior613 started as an opportunity for me to put my thoughts down about the struggles that I was going through with Multiple Sclerosis. Almost immediately, I began to see how my faith in Jesus is intertwined with everything. I also began to see how Jesus will not let us mess up His Plans.

As I have gone through the past year, I have been shown very clearly what the purpose of Warrior613 will be. As speaking opportunities continue to pour in, I am greeted with “your story is great, and I think that our group will really benefit from it.” Whether it be private Christian schools, churches, public schools, private groups, youth events, or corporate groups I always have people come to me afterwards to tell me how great it is that I am doing this. I sometimes get discouraged that the point may have been missed. Later that night, emails, social media, and texts begin coming in from others to tell me how it has changed their perspective on their struggles. They also tell me how it has restored their faith that someone loves them in this world, and many times that maybe God does love them and doesn’t intend them harm.

Warrior613 is about the people from all over the world that I can help with questions about adaptive sports, their wheelchair, dealing with depression, and many times why I have hope. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the reason that I wake up in the morning excited about every struggle that I have. It isn’t about me…It is about others…It is about showing others love…it is about me staying out of the way of where God will use this…It is about me not having to know the positive things that happen in people’s lives so that I feel good…it is ultimately about me doing what God has called me to do with the blessing with which he has trusted me…It is about moving forward with this call even when I have adversity in it.

I love you all…


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