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I have been absolutely wrecked over the last few days with this one…

I spent the new year planning out my reading plan for 2018, and I had twelve books that I was going to finish (at minimum). Of these, 9 were written from an evangelical standpoint. The other three focused on leadership in general. I read the Preface and first chapter of Ordering Your Private World, and I put it down excited to pick it back up. I haven’t understood why I haven’t been able to pick it back up. As I was spending time in prayer, it hit me very quickly that I depend on heresay (not heresy) in many of these other books. While they are written by wonderful authors and many by people who have devoted their lives to spreading the message and Word of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I felt like I was being punched in the face for not digging deeper into the Word from Jesus.

John 17:17 Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

As I proceed in this new year, I have scrapped the reading list. I may pick one up from time to time, but I am devoting this year to a deeper understanding of who God is and His calling on my life. I am excited, and terrified, to diving in and really trying to comprehend His words and calling for me. Please pray for me as I go on this journey, as I humbly come before you declaring my sophomoric understanding of the greatest words ever given to us. Pray that I will no Him more deeply, understand him more fully, and follow Him more closely. I look forward to sharing what God is teaching me through my life as I throw down all of the excuses and truly go after him “no matter the cost” (which is a book David Benham sent me that I will read first when I need an extracurricular read!).

I love you all!


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This is great and so vulnerable of you. We need to be vulnerable with ourselves and the Lord. I so relate to what you are saying. I have 6 books that need to be executed. Some are much farther along than others, some are in beginning stages and some are still an inspired thought. None the less, one of my hardest books I’ve had to write is completed and ready for editing. I’ve co-written it with a friend about some very painful and traumatic situations in our life. This, no doubt, is a book to help others heal on their journey. It was one of those that you knew you had to write but didn’t want to. I believe the impact will be great and the reward will be greater. We meet with the editor tomorrow and will see where we are. Your courage and perseverance is inspiring. Thank you for walking worthy of the call.
Sincerely your sister in Christ- D White

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