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Fight till the death…

Who are you going to be competing against in January during the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival? I have gotten that question a few times over the last month or so…I am not sure how long this will be, but somewhere between 100-20,000 words.

The long answer is this will bring people from all over the world, and there will be athletes in many divisions. The division I qualified for consists of seated, adaptive athletes (wheelchair in real talk). The short answer is myself…I talk regularly with one of my fellow competitors, but I don’t see him as competition (I hope he reads this so I can see how he takes it). This is how we should view most things we do. It doesn’t matter what the person next to me, across the street, or in the cubicle down the hall does. I only control the hand that is dealt to me, and focusing on others cause me to lose focus of my task.  One of the differences will be that I am the only (as far as I can tell and have been told) to compete in this competition with a progressive disease like Multiple Sclerosis. 

The more direct answer is that I view this journey in adaptive Crossfit as an assault on Satan. I want to use this journey to glorify God. Please hear me when I say this…people take Christians to be timid and passive.  Ummm….ok, but there is nothing that I hear in my walk with God that calls me to be passive.  We are called to put on the armor of God.  I have never seen anyone put on armor for a diplomatic talk. This disease is one that is supposed to slowly take away physical capabilities.  Am I supposed to sit silently while Satan does that, or do I pick up God’s Word and do what he has called me to do? We come up with too many reasons as to why we can’t do things…what if we can do it…what might the outcome be in that scenario…?

What if David had listed to society instead of God when dealing with Goliath? Did he ask someone else more physically prepared? Did he have something else to do? Was it uncomfortable? Probably uncomfortable…but he was called to do it…and he did it…he acted…he knew God was behind him…but he had to put in the work.

While my disease has been completely stable since diagnosis, my physical journey has been hard…harder than anything I have ever done…cycling 100 Miles…running 30+ Miles, or lifting for college sports. My body doesn’t work as one normally would, but it works within His Plan. Ease and comfort are not part of His Plan, and that is the problem in mainstream Christianity. We are called to fight, persevere, be courageous, and battle until we are relieved of our earthly journey.

I love you all,


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Great stuff, as usual! Hope y’all are doing well, and hope to see you soon. Love y’all.

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