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In this world…not of it…

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I have found myself looking more to this passage, and feel convicted daily. We are called to live in this world, but not of it. It does not call us to hate the world, because it is made up of God’s creations. While not all know Him, they are made and loved by Him. We are called to be the light unto these people. I sometimes find myself getting caught up in things of this world, more accurately on a daily basis.  It is something that comes with living in this world as a fallen human species.  The problem comes when we focus on worldly things while neglecting our creator. I have referenced many times the instance prior to diagnosis where I screamed to the sky, “if I can’t run, then just don’t let me walk either.” I was putting way too much emphasis and time into running. God sent me the blessing called Multiple Sclerosis to save me from myself. As humans, there is good news. We can be redeemed through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have already had some ask me if I was changing this to a Crossfit journey instead of a website that deals with my daily struggles. I had to laugh to myself when I heard this. We, as Christians often refer to ourselves as flawed people. I am flawed in my daily walk with Jesus, but I try my best to live the life that He has called me to live. I am also flawed physically, in that my body does not work properly. I view my journey with Crossfit as a testament that God allows me to continue to push limits for His Glory. We are called to live in this world. This does not just limit to the walls of our church. There are so many lost people, that sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I wake up in the morning. I may not be able to walk, but I am still called to go. You may be called to walk, crawl, or claw towards sharing His message.

I try to prepare so that I do not get caught up in the world, as I spend time with the people in it. I do not spend time viewing people as a charity or project that I am working with, because I know how people take that (I get this daily from people, and most every time it is coming from a good place). I spend this time with people because I do love them (yes, people anger me at times, but I am working on that). 

We cannot fully withdraw from the world, as we are called to go. We are not called to get caught up.  

Part of this came when I posted on my Instagram that I was going to serve as a brand rep for Jacked Up Fitness Apparel.

Yes, this is not a typical ministry affiliate. They are, however, a great family committed to Christ and fostering an environment that allows us to reach people.  We are to align ourselves with people in the same focus and goal. Crossfit has opened up avenues and actual conversations to people in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands about my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I have learned that it is easier to talk to people that know you are talking to them and not at them. I don’t compromise or change my conversation, but I try to meet people where they are. It is not always well received, but I hope that I always convey the message that I am called to share. 

I hope that if I stop glorifying God through my journey with Crossfit, I ask that it be taken from me to save me from myself.


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