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What I realized from McGregor vs Mayweather

“The money fight” has been talked about worldwide. Between that and a recent solar eclipse, speaking points on television have had double vision on major events. I have never been a boxing fan, and I have only been marginally interested in UFC. What has stuck out to me over the last few weeks was something that has never been hard for either of these competitors. They like to talk…and talk a lot. They have also backed up what they claimed they would do, for the most part.

They rely on their image, their persona, and their individual records. It brought me back to my days as a college baseball player. As a weekend starting pitcher, the tone of my week was dictated in a large part by the previous week’s start.  I am sure that my girlfriend (now wife) was probably more hopeful than most that we would win so that she could deal with me for the week. While I had many more good weeks than bad weeks, I have realized what God has done so that we do not have to live like that.

When McGregor wakes up this morning, he will be reminded that what he measures himself by has broken (I know…I know…with a $200 million dollar payday). He has to start rebuilding his identity within himself. I remember what that was like. While I hate not being able to stand up and go for a walk with my family, I hated the feeling of not knowing the person in the mirror after a losing game.  My identity in Christ is something that will be here today, tomorrow and on the day of judgement. Whether I can’t walk, speak, open my eyes, or if I wake up and can fly, I am called one thing…redeemed. 

I don’t have to wonder how I will feel about myself and my future…God’s Will is what my prayer is…I can trust and rest in this.

2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.


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