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My first Crossfit competitive event taught me about 1 Peter 3:15

1 Peter 3:15

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

There are not many Adaptive Crossfit competitions. When I say that, I do not mean in the area. I am referring to North America. It is still a relatively new branch of the Crossfit movement. There are two major ones that I am looking to attempt. One is in the US, and the other was held in Canada this past year. I have no problem verbalizing my intentions to attempt these. I may fail, but it will be in a cloud of dust and a blaze of glory. Starting this journey in February of this year, I have learned that there is a huge learning curve that I am going to have to figure out. I have been a personal trainer, am currently a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist by NASM, hold a Master’s degree in Exercise Science (concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention), and am a former college athlete.  There is a reason it is called Adaptive sports. We have to adapt to our situations and surroundings. This is one of the tougher things that I have done, but I have never been more committed.

As I started the event, my coach is also participating right in front of me. I paced myself off of him…side note, Colin Leonard is a freak of nature with a sweet beard.  By the sixth minute, I had not controlled my heart well. This event was 9 reps every minute. I was trying to knock it out in the first 20 seconds and get a 40 second break. On the next to last station, I hit the first 8 reps in 25 seconds. I had 35 seconds for the last rep.  My body said “no” to that last rep.  

While I did well for the first event, I learned something extremely valuable. Colin has been correcting my form on that movement since I started. While the weight was not extremely heavy for me, my lack of technique was the cause of my failure.  While I was equipped for the weight, my lack of technique caused me to miss an opportunity under pressure and fatigue. I had not properly prepared for this moment.

I literally had this thought hit me within minutes of the end of my event…

We need to be prepared at all times to be able to share our hope in Jesus…under pressure, under less than ideal conditions, and in unfamiliar situations. The way you ready yourself for this is by intentional preparation  on your weaknesses. I can share my story very easily, but this is not what is needed in certain situations. It is easy for me to revert back to what is comfortable, but I need to prepare myself to meet God’s Plan for all situations. 

I look forward to sharing my weaknesses as I become aware on this awesome journey!

i love you all…


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