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Today’s MRI Test…

Ok…so this will be read by some prior to my test at Duke University Hospital…so, how can I report the outcome of the MRI prior to having it done?

I have many people call, text, or email prior to these appointments to let me know they are praying for the outcome and for God to bless me (and these prayers are very much appreciated, please do not take this post in a negative manner). The test results do not worry me anymore, as God has blessed me immensely with His Grace and Mercy already. I used to constantly worry about the future of my family, and how they would suffer.  God blesses me and my family, within His Plan.  He has done this through my journey with MS. I would not trade it. 

This disease has been stable, and shown no progession, since I was diagnosed in 2014 and started a treatment schedule. I have yearly MRI’s, as they have determined in recent years that you can see clinical progression, even with no new symptoms. In the past, I would have anxiety about the test and possible results for weeks prior to having the tests done (outside of the physical part of laying in an enclosed tube for 2 hours. That is still less than desirable).

Regardless of the outcome of these tests (which I am quite possibly in the middle right now), thank you God for blessing me with this journey that allows me to talk and meet with so many people.  Thank you for placing people in my path that you wish for me to meet.  Today, I am thankful for two hours of prayer and time with you as I sit in this machine with these wonderful doctors and nurses (I like to refer to Duke as the Chick Fil A experience of hospitals, in regards to their hospitality and demeanor). I do not ask for my will in these test results, but I ask that Your Plan be fulfilled and Your Name receive glory and praise from my life.  Thank you for always seeing my family through situations, and allowing us to see the beauty of Your Plan.  We love You Lord!

Love all of you!


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