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Living with a pit bull on your shoulder…

The title may have been a little confusing, but I hope that I can make it make sense. I saw this comparison made in regards to living with Multiple Sclerosis very early on in my journey, and I have found it to be fairly accurate.  I also feel as though it leaves a major component undefined.

When I wake up in the morning, I find that the pit bull is not always in the same mood as the day before. Sometimes there are cuddles and sometimes it decides to start biting. Some days it just sits there. I interpreted that the statement was made in terms of being a victim to this disease, but I feel that this leaves a main component out. Many people deal with things that compare to this analogy, and many more live with things much worse. They may be living with a rabid tiger with a chip on its shoulder. They may be living with something that no one knows about. 

The component that I feel that is missing is the part about the person in this relationship. If the dog decides to attack me, I can either let it or grab it in a headlock. (I do not hate animals, and I can already feel the PETA activists cranking up the emails…it is jason@ and it will give me something to write about) My goal, and my prayer for you, is that God gives me (us) the strength and attitude to have those animals afraid of me (us). I try to live my life in a way that I hope the pit bull wakes up fearing the day. I don’t want to give it the satisfaction of smelling fear. While he is always there (and I am aware), I want to live my life in a way that it knows to get on its leash and go where I tell it to go.  I want to turn it in to a cute little pet that becomes a partner in life with me. Go out and live your life by leading your animal. Don’t let it drag you around.

(I actually think that Pitbulls are beautiful dogs, but that was the example that I saw. I know that people get upset when they are vilified, and that was not the intention. Right now, as my chihuahua is barking her head off, she may have been a better example. The impact would have been lessened in my example…)

love you all,


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