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What I have learned over the last week…

I feel like the last two weeks have been crazy…running around finishing up end of the fiscal year things at work…planning and executing a conference…watching my daughter in an awesome dance recital…completing my first full “Murph” at Electric City Crossfit, and learning my body all over again as I have felt some exciting things happen to my body recently!

I have wondered why I haven’t felt called to write about many things lately, and it hit me abruptly…I very rarely shut up and listen. This statement does not surprise anyone that knows me. I was spending time in prayer, and I felt God’s peace come over me as I could feel Him telling me to learn from the things He has been showing me. I am excited about many things I want to outline over the next few weeks…God is doing some incredible things, and I am excited to share. Stay tuned!!!


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So many people enjoy and learn from your postings so keep them coming. Make sure you are keeping copies of all of them-I see a book one day! Proud of you! Grandma

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