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The concept of “graduation” applied to life…

I had a wonderful, and unique, opportunity this past Saturday at Anderson University’s commencement ceremony.  When the “Class of 2017” came to Anderson University initially came to campus, I served in our admission department. I was the first to greet a majority of them into our Anderson family. When they exited on Saturday, I was the first to shake each of their hands as they left the stage, greeting them into our Alumni family as our Associate VP for Alumni and Parent Engagement.  I have been thinking about the concept of graduation and continuing education in relation to our lives.

These students have spent the last few years of their lives learning and applying concepts of their craft. The goal is not to store this knowledge away and not use it to change the environment in which they serve. This is not meant to signify that they know everything, and they will continue to learn throughout life.  It would be unwise to keep them from going out and serving in the world because they don’t have absolute knowledge of their field, as they would be learning until their time expired. They are meant to serve, continue to learn, and apply new knowledge as they learn.  The nature of life is fluid.

What does God say about educating ourselves?

2 Timothy 3:16-17 ESV

16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God[a] may be complete, equipped for every good work.

We are not perfect…the most educated of God’s Word will admit that they continue to learn through it, and others. We are called to learn, read, discuss, and meditate on God’s Word.  We are not meant to learn God’s Teachings and store them, without application and integration into our lives. We learn through a combination of God’s Word, and applying them through the situations that God chooses to bless into our lives.  Community becomes important as we can also take away from what others have seen.   I had a conversation with someone who was asking me if I compared my life to Job.  I had to chuckle to myself when that was asked, as I had to ask him if he had really read the Book of Job.  It is nothing like the trials that Job endured, but I explained that I have learned through trials. The takeaway that I have learned through my trials far outweigh any inconvenience experienced.  I have learned that my God is always present, especially during things that I consider inconvenient (future post here, as God has really been hammering on me to be more transparent than just what people see). I have learned that things I used to consider inconvenient are really not that bad. My perspective has completely changed, and I actually consider my life to be less troubled now than before any physical issues presented themselves. I would have never learned this had I not been forced to actually dig deeper into His Word. If I had turned away from His Word when these trials hit, I would be an absolute catastrophe at this point (some may consider me a catastrophe, but that is another discussion).  

With this post, I simply challenge you to examine your life in relation to God’s Teachings. Pray over your study of His Word, and see what you can apply to your life so that you can impact people for the Kingdom.

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Looking forward to your next post . For your information, your writing ( inspired by our Lord) is something I can use in my life and it has made me stop and think of the missed opportunities in my life. Keep on writing.

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