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I have a confession…

So, the last month has been a blur…

I have been writing for the website, preparing for a speaking engagement this week, working on some new initiatives at work, planning two state alumni events, planning a conference for a group in which I serve as the president, being a husband and father, and I have a slight obsession with Crossfit and hand cycling.  Read carefully through those activities, as there is something very important missing from this list.  The more that I run towards God, the more I feel that I let Him down on a consistent basis.  I have been so busy doing things in “His Name” and for “His Glory” that I forgot to stop and talk to Him and meditate in His Word.

I feel like I have been trying to “steer the ship” when in fact I know that I cannot do this myself.  I am publicly admitting this one of many faults, as I have been wondering why I cringed every time someone told me what a great job I have been doing with posts through the website or being a faithful servant in my interactions.  I want people to see my faults and struggles through this as well.  I said in a post before (and still believe it 100%) that God blessed me by physically slowing me down.  I don’t wish to go back to who I was, but I also don’t wish to push myself inti a new normal.  I am publicly telling myself to let go of the ship’s steering wheel and stay faithful to what He is telling me.  That only happens by staying in His Word and talking with my Father.  I encourage each of you to do the same, because I have learned it is better to drive an old, beat up car than a new one if the GPS works in the old one.

P.S. My allergies and sinuses were killing me this morning, so I dropped the family off at church this morning and came home. I was beating myself up about it, until I turned on the TV to listen to Dr. Charles Stanley’s sermon today…God spoke very powerfully through him today regarding this matter.

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