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A lifestyle is defined by doing something constantly…

This is a post that serves as a reminder to myself, not as judgement on anyone…

As Easter Sunday comes around, we see the church parking lots a little more crowded than usual. We see people scramble to arrive early to claim “their seats” in the congregation (maybe that is just among us Baptists). As we do this, I wonder where the enthusiasm goes on other weeks. I say weeks, as if I just say Sundays, the problem becomes more pronounced. A walk with our Lord Jesus has to be just that, a walk…not a sprint followed by a year long rest. It also can’t just be made up of putting on our workout clothes to appear as though we are going for a walk. It makes me sad each year (and more determined to aid in revival each day) to see this occurence.

I wanted to share briefly what has helped my walk with Jesus better than I could have ever imagined…My walk got immensely stronger when I became unable to walk.  I know that I joke about my inability to walk many times, but I would not trade it for anything. It is a constant reminder that I cannot do it by myself.  I can’t put God on the sideline until I need Him again…I need Him now, tomorrow and forever.  I don’t get a break from feeling that need…and I can’t explain the sense of peace that comes with that. I spent time trying to do it by myself. I even thought I was doing a good job. I was active in church, Bible studies, and tried to help others. I was a good person…I am glad that God felt mercy on me and squashed that person and that person’s pride.  It has taken some time to get to the point that I am at now. I can now very confidently say a few things:

1. I cannot walk without crutches.

2. I use a wheelchair to workout (and soon to be long excursions to places like Six Flags for my daughter).

3. I can’t do anything without God’s Help and Mercy.

4. My disease is a chronic one of which there is no cure…It is by nature a disease that progresses (since diagnosed and beginning treatment, 0 progression🙂)…I do not know what tomorrow will bring…I also now don’t feel the need to control tomorrow.

5. As we celebrated the Risen Lord Jesus on Easter Sunday, all of the previous things stated have no effect on my eternity.

6. The only thing that I have to be concerned about is what I do on this earth to influence my family, friends, and any other people with which I can come into contact.

7. This website is not meant to be a place to glorify Jason as he goes out and tries to do things that are tough. It is meant to shine a light on God’s mercy to a broken person like me. It is not meant to be an outlet for me that is slanted in a Christian manner. It is meant to be an ALL OUT ASSAULT on the world views that contradict my Lord’s Plan.  We try to walk the line so as not to offend people. THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO BEING AS INTENTIONAL AS I CAN WITH WHAT I FEEL THE LORD WANTS ME TO SAY.

I am a broken, sinful person. I try to follow Jesus everyday. Some days I fail, and that is my one and only concern.  

In regards to trying to walk the line so as not to upset the world view of people:




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Every day you inspire me with your honesty, faithfulness,courage and most of all how you love and worship our Lord Jesus Christ and praise HIM for allowing you to go through these trials.You are truly a man who worships a living GOD. Maybe one day I will see you at your Grandmothers home.

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