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I want it now…

Over the past month, I have had two instances where I was impatient in my new Crossfit endeavor. The first was when I was doing Power Cleans from my wheelchair.  I started out light. After that, I started adding weight. I got greedy, and was remembering myself in the weight room 10 years ago. It felt great, until I felt a twinge in my back. Nothing major, but it really impaired my ability to go all out for about a week.

The second was yesterday where I was trying to determine my 1 rep max for the bench press.  I started out with a few light reps…I started adding more weight…I added more weight….I felt a similar twinge in my chest. This time, I backed off.

As I started thinking about it, there is a lot of crossover to our everyday lives. We want it, and we want it now. We don’t necessarily want to lay the foundation that is needed to do it properly. Of course, walking with crutches for the last two years has given me considerable upper body strength. It is limited in the functional range, and I have to put in the work to get a structural base to achieve my goals.

We want the fancy car, the big house, to be the top of our field, but we don’t always want to see the foundation layed first.  There is no “societal glory” in that. This plays off of yesterday’s post, as we need to enjoy the process. I forgot that tonight. I haven’t been on a bench press in 4 years. Why would I think that it would just come naturally? What is the fun in that? Where is the sense of accomplishment in that? Today, tomorrow, the next day, and many after that…enjoy the process…accept where you are…but know where you are going…

In Him,


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