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Beyond Excited!

This is just going to be a short update on my new fascination with Adaptive Crossfit.  I realized, after about a week, that the chair that I was using was a great chair…but not going to be effective and safe in the long term, due to the stresses and biomechanics of the moves. When I first decided to get into this endeavor, there were two athletes that inspired me to do this. One was Adaptive Crossfitter Zack Ruhl (earlier video post on the Warrior Facebook page), and the other was Michael Mills, an Adaptive Crossfitter and Pro Adaptive Spartan Racer.  

Zack Ruhl owns Crossfit Uncontested in Houston, TX.  Michael Mills lives closer to me, in Georgia. Michael was the first person to have a custom Crossfit chair built, and I realized that the company which built it was located 2 hours away from me.  A few phone calls and a drive to Madison, GA later, I sat and talked with Marty Frierson of XCalibur Sports Chairs for close to three hours. We discussed my needs, took some measurements, and spoke about the aesthetics of the chair (not going to ruin the surprise). We should have it finished in mid-April, and I cannot wait (never thought I would be saying that about a wheelchair)!

I thought that I was as excited as I could be, until tonight.  My phone rang…and it was a Georgia number…when I answered, I was floored. “Hey, this is Michael Mills.” 

I am beyond excited to see what God has in store…this guy is the reason that I decided to take this leap and get back to pushing myself past what most all think is probably a little ridiculous (like I have ever cared about that;). When I mentioned Zack’s name, he was telling me that he had gone out to compete in a bench press challenge with him.  As we talked, he invited me to come out to his box (and I will realize how far I have to go) and workout with him.  I am so excited for this next step in my journey. I will share a picture of something he has done that is now on my to-do list.  To be continued…


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