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What “I can” really means…

“I can do that.” This statement can be heard everyday.  It is a statement that people like to be able to say.  They like to be able to show others that they are capable of the activity or task.  I am going to translate what is really being said when people loosely throw around this statement.

“That is easy enough for me to do the first time.  If not, oh well”

Once many people establish that they cannot easily attain the end goal, they move on to another task or excuse.  This mindset of doing what is easy is dangerous.  We never get to explore the full potential of God’s Plan.  We are scared to begin, scared to fail, scared of what other people might think, along with a myriad of other reasons that paralyze our potential.  I want you to listen and pay attention to the next statement that I am going to make:

You may not be able to do everything that you set out to do…that is not the way life works. 

The main problem is not always lack of ability, but lack of determination.  More people fail because they don’t start to pursue the goal…they never get off of the couch.  Let me say that the first attempt does not count as having determination toward achieving the goal.  Once you fail, are told “no”, are laughed at, or realize one of the other fears that people have…that is where the determination begins.  Understand that if you are reading this, I am aware that I would lose in a footrace to probably 100% of you.  I will not let statistics, what common sense says, what society expects, or fears dictate what I do.  Awareness and acceptance are vastly different things.  I will race anyone, at anytime…I will most definitely lose…and I will make sure I am much stronger for the next race…I have had to survive on this concept for my whole life, and I am thankful that things didn’t come easily.  If they had, I would probably be destined to a life of sitting at home all day.

I love to tell stories to illustrate my points…I had two friends that I met while playing American Legion Baseball in high school.  They both tried out for the team as sophomores in high school.  Both were cut from a very good team at the end of the weekly tryouts.  One chose to walk away from the game, and the other decided that would never happen again…he is a nine year veteran in Major League Baseball, playing in an All-Star game and winning a Gold Glove. 

Your results may not always have the end goal that you desire.  I can assure you that you will never find out if you quietly throw in the flag…Stand up, realize that life isn’t designed to be easy, punch adversity in the face, and go after things with the intentions of catching them…This will serve you well in your personal, professional, and spiritual lives…

In Him,



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