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Crossfit – Beginning of an interesting journey

Well, on Friday I started Crossfit…At the end of the workout, I couldn’t sign up fast enough…When asked if I was planning to come in on Monday, I replied “yes, but I will also be here tomorrow.”

 Saturday was the first class in which I participated, and it was a partner workout so Nick Meeks and I partnered so that we can begin to figure out where and how to modify or substitute.  It was a great environment, and I knew many of the people.  While I am at a great place with everything that has occurred, this was a great time to move a little further out of a comfortable setting.  While I was always at home in a gym, on a bike, or running, this was an extremely unfamiliar setting for a few reasons:

1. The way that I work out had changed so much, I have only done it through hand cycling and walking with my arms.

2.  This was the second day in which I had experience with my new Top End Crossfire.  It is amazing I did not flip it dragging a weighted sled uphill.

3.  I had always been the one training someone…I was the most unfamiliar person with the particular workout to be done that day.

Over the past six months, I have seen a verse show itself a few times.  I have seen people live this verse.  I asked one person why they did something so generous and (publicly) anonymous when we had never met.  The very simple answer was this verse…In turn, I have tried to internalize and live this verse…

Galations 6:2 ESV

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

While not necessarily comfortable with it, I saw this over and over on Saturday as I was navigating this new chapter.  A group of people coming together to push and support me in something new.  For that, I am thankful…For that, I will be back today…For that, I will continue to look for ways to do that for others everyday.   

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