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What handcycling has taught me about life…

As I loved cycling, one of the things that I missed more than anything was this activity.  I had a year of “cycling related” depression.  If you are a cyclist, you understand what I mean.  I was diagnosed in 2014 with multiple sclerosis, and my friend’s launched a bike shop (Speedshop Cycles) the same year.  I could not bring myself to even go in the doors for the first six months.  One day I randomly happened upon a recreational handcycle.  It looked interesting, but slow.  I had no interest in just spinning for two miles at 3 mph.  As I looked more, I came about racing handcycles.  As with all of my bikes, I liked to have something unique.  I found a frame in Florida for a TopEnd Force G, and had it shipped to South Carolina.  Little did I know, Dave at Speedshop Cycles had experience with handcycles.  We started scheming on the build, and I revived my passion for cycling.  Hundreds and hundreds of miles later, I realized I could still be faster with a reclined race bike.  The current build is a TopEnd Force prototype from Invacare’s race team. As in all cycling, it never gets easier…you only go faster.  Here is what it has taught me about living within God’s Plan…

Handcycling is hard.  When people ask me what it is like, I remind them that upright bikes are made that way for a reason.  A human’s legs are stronger than their arms (for most people).  Lower yourself into a push-up position, start doing push-ups for two hours, and cry for an hour afterwards.  This is handcycling.  What I have learned is that human instinct calls for us to quit when things get hard.  When we say that we cannot do something any longer, we are usually only at about 10% of our capacity.  We get renewed strength when we push past our comfort zone, resulting in a new area of growth. 

When we push past our comfort zone in life, God grows and molds us more in His Plan.  One of the biggest pitfalls with today’s Christians is comfort.  We play it safe and smart within the terms of societal common sense.  When you get outside of that, we can see tremendous growth.  When we feel like we are at our limit, we aren’t even close to God’s Capacity for us.  His Power is infinite, and this should bring peace in the midst of our discomfort.

2 Corinthians 13:9 

For we rejoice when we ourselves are weak but you are strong; this we also pray for, that you be made complete.

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