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Anchor Points continued…

In my first anchor points post, I discussed what walking onto a slippery floor taught me regarding how to use my crutches.  I had to find ways to anchor myself in a time of physical uncertainty regarding my path.  I referenced how I pulled that over to my entire life by identifying and finding my anchor points for life.  In this post, I want to point out three specific anchor points that are absolutely evident to me every day of my life.  This is a post of overwhelming gratitude for three constant anchor points in my life.  (Please understand that there are many, but this post will be limited to three.)

The first anchor point that we must have in our lives for it to work according to “Plan” is our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Hebrews 6:19 says, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.  It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.”  God has made a promise to us, that He will see us through if we remain faithful.  A popular saying is that God will not give us more than we can handle.  That is ridiculous.  We as humans are not equipped to deal with many things.  We cannot navigate life’s slippery path without Jesus guiding us through His Path.

The second anchor point that I have to help navigate through life is my brother.  I have known him since I was five, liked him since I was eight, probably loved him the whole time, but realized he truly was my best friend (outside of my wife) much later.  He has shown me that he is truly there for whatever I need.  I love him, respect him, and trust him to the fullest extent.  We have had some great adventures, whether it be road cycling, mountain biking, or snowboarding.  Our adventures look a little different now, but all I have to do is call and he is there.  He is there for accountability, just to talk, and for advice.  As a matter of fact, this website would not exist without his expertise. (I am definitely not the IT wizard)

The third anchor point is my wife.  We have known each other since we were two, she wanted to date me at 13, and I finally gave in at 17.  I am glad that once we were married, all sales were final.  There have been many times she probably wanted to return me.  We have been together through many things in a short amount of time, and I hope that she is as excited as I am to go through the rest of our lives together. Without her I could not navigate my path.  She helps to center me when I overreact, inspire me when I am down, and loves me when I don’t feel worthy.  God could not have blessed me with a more perfect woman.

This post is one of gratitude.  I am thankful for God’s Mercy in providing my salvation through sending His only Son, for giving me a brother that truly watches out for me, and the most wonderful wife who has loved me through very trying times.  These are anchor points that allow me to stay upright as I try to navigate God’s Path as a servant in His Plan.

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A dear friend of mine lived with MS for over forty years and had more enjoyment from life than anyone I know. She loved life, loved people , loved family and friends and BEST of all she loved our Lord Jesus Christ .

She also had a wonderful sense of humor and if you were down , you went to see Nell and she would make you laugh at yourself and the problems you were having. People were always visiting her ,not because of MS but because she was a remarkable person and a great friend. To see her and her husband together, was watching a love story. They were always holding hands and smiling at each other. An inspiration.

At the age of 84, she went home to be with our LORD and it was a celebration of her life with lots of laughs and joy that she was a part of our lives.

When I think of Nell, I smile because she made me smile.

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