Valentine’s Day

I will make this post short, but significant in meaning.  As we wake up to a Valentine morning, our thoughts generally turn to love.  I have been extremely blessed with a strong support system that has made dealing with my daily physical struggles much easier.  This includes friends, family, colleagues, and wonderful leadership from my employer.

I have been asked if I have questioned God’s Love for allowing my body to be subjected to this ailment.  While I would be bending the truth to say that there has never been frustration or anger, it was very early on before I had a chance to survey the bigger picture.  As I have said previously, I am honored and thankful that God chose to allow His Plan for me to play out so clearly.  I feel that this is a sign of God’s Love.  The ultimate sacrifice that He made for me on the cross is the only reminder I need of God’s Love.   On this day of recognizing earthly love, let us recognize that Jesus Christ wants a relationship with us.  Once we make this decision and seek Him, the other “stressful” issues of our days will have less sting.

Tomorrow I will be back to “full-length” posts as I focus on three very important “anchor points” in my life…

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