Walking In The Rain

This post seemed somewhat silly to me, but it is one that continues to come to my mind.  I transitioned to crutches to improve my mobility, stability, and decrease (did not eliminate) the number of people that tell me to hurry up.  I did this after a year, as I was tired of looking for a wall or countertop to grab.  I was tired of stopping every five seconds to look at my phone so that I could stabilize my body (I probably looked like the most technology addicted person on the planet).  I was a little worried that people would start thinking that my disease had progressed, and I really didn’t want to have those conversations.  The first thing that I realized was that I could not really hold or carry items while I walked.  This wasn’t a big deal, as I just started carrying a backpack when I went to the office.  The first time it really became an inconvenience was when it rained.  I couldn’t carry an umbrella, and running quickly into the building was not an option.  I briefly thought about the umbrella hat, but that was quickly dismissed (I am entitled to a little vanity, right?).  The more that I encountered rain, the more that I realized that it was not a huge deal.  I began to notice things that I had been robbed of in my previous life of hurrying everywhere.  I began to notice how the birds reacted to rain, the beauty of the rain drops coming off of a tree branch, and the absolute horror on the faces of people that are trying as hard as possible not to get wet.  I realized that we miss things in life, because we are too busy rushing to the next place.

God has a tremendous way of giving us practical examples before teaching us lessons.  I started to notice that the conversations that I did not feel like having were exactly what God intended to happen.  As my life slowed down (mentally is the reference here, as physical slowing down had already occurred), I began to realize that we as Christians love talking about looking for witnessing opportunities.  We love the idea of going on mission trips.  The mission field and witnessing opportunities are in front of us all of the time, we just don’t slow down long enough to see them.  My biggest issue was feeling ill-equipped to witness effectively in all of the opportunities that literally walked up to me.  I wasn’t a pastor, so what was I supposed to do?  I realized that the domain that I purchased two years prior for this website was what God had been setting up all along.  I started to realize God was telling me to speak, and He would take care of equipping me through my willingness and faithfulness to His Promises.  In Matthew 28, we are called to go.  The distance may only be 100 feet.

…tomorrow we will go further into what God has shown me through the rain…

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