Once someone is diagnosed with a disease…God would not require anything else…right?

The first question that I received after my diagnosis was…”So, you are going to quit working, right?”

I almost had to sit down after that was repeated 20 times over a week.  Why would I need to stop my life?  Was it because I was slower in how I moved?  Was it because of the crutches that I used?  Was it because of the “blue tag” sitting in my center console, which evidently is the automobile equivalent to a “scarlet letter” emblazoned upon my clothing?  Had I changed as a person?  Had my work ethic changed?  Was my sense of purpose being threatened? Was God surprised by this, and therefore done with His Plan for my life?

To understand this question, one must understand perspective.  Many times you may hear someone say, “I don’t know how they are doing that with everything that is going on in their life.”  If you step back to analyze that comment, everyone has something going on in their life, but their perspective changes around those experiences. I was in a conversation with a friend one day when he said, “you only have two choices, STOP or GO. You made the right choice and have the right outlook.”

I reflected on that statement as we continued to talk, and then it hit me.  I didn’t think that I fell into either one of these options.  While you can always STOP on your own, to GO is not always a choice we control.  Control is what we desire, and it is one of our biggest pitfalls.  To lose control is scary, but it can be the most positive spiritual happening in our life.  God always wants us to TURN to Him, and sometimes He makes that our only choice.  As I shared that with my friend, I let him know that God is the only thing that makes my life possible.  Yes, physical things are now harder, but life seems easier.  It doesn’t make sense from an earthly standpoint, but I look forward to sharing with you the ways that He does this for me…



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“To lose control is scary, but it can be the most positive spiritual happening in our life.” I find this to be more evident and true in this season of my life. Thanks for sharing!

It is amazing that you may look at the person next to you and never know the battles that they are facing. Some just happen to be invisible, which doesn’t necessarily make them any easier.

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